North Carolina drivers deserve better. You deserve the same discounts that are available in every other state. You deserve more choices when it comes time to pick an insurance company. And you deserve to be protected from unfair rate increases.

That’s why we need the NC General Assembly to take action.

New Discount Programs

You’ve seen the ads on TV. Every major auto insurance company has a popular discount program – Allstate, Progressive, State Farm and the list goes on. But you can’t take advantage of those programs in you live in North Carolina. You can’t even get available discounts for serving in the military or getting good grades.

That needs to change. FAIR NC supports legislation that would make these discounts like these available in North Carolina for the first time ever.

More Choices

You deserve the ability to find an insurance plan that works for you. Insurance companies in North Carolina are limited in what plans they can offer. We need to give companies the freedom to offer more choices and the flexibility to work with drivers when they have an accident or get a traffic ticket. Right now, North Carolina requires insurance companies to raise premiums whenever you cause an accident, regardless of the circumstances.

Protecting Consumers

North Carolina drivers should be protected from unfair rate increases. That’s why we support legislation that would require any proposed rate increases to be reviewed and approved by the Insurance Commissioner before they can take effect. That means that Commissioner Wayne Goodwin can continue to protect consumers from any rate increases that he believes are unfair.

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